An online application for coaching advice, tips, immediate guidance at varying levels from a free introductory, awareness creation coaching platform to a subscription based in-depth provision with practical application to individual online coaching with a specialized practitioner.

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MPC develops personal impact power and all aspects of communicative and leadership expression. MPC empowers clients to communicate with impact, manage impressions, influence, lead and direct with personal mastery. These critical abilities produce powerful brand ambassadors who captivate imagination and turn strategy into reality. MPC’s approach is scientifically-based, holistic and integrated, mobilising field experts around identified areas of growth, to achieve practical, behavioural outcomes. Our team of multi-disciplined specialists apply a unique methodology combining coaching and practical application to empower individuals. Our holistic approach enables us to shape the many layers that influence communicative expression, including the emotional, physical and inter-personal aspects. Our strong emphasis on personalisation and self-awareness creation throughout the process, together with practical coaching, ensures each individual experience deep, sustainable development in their growth areas.



MPC’s parent company, The IE Group has more that 26 years of extensive experience in creating powerful brand ambassadors across various industries, sectors, countries and continents. The IE Group has trained and coached over 100 000 executives and leaders globally. The newly acquired skills of these individuals have influenced the lives of many.
Our aim is to grow people with us to the highest possible level of expertise and competence and to enhance our user’s personal development and knowledge acquisition based on a mutual long-term commitment of growth and client service excellence.
MPC has been established as a subsidiary of the IE Group, extending its offering digitally to enable a wider user group based in our holistic, scientific and integrated approach to personal and professional development. In addition, MPC will ensure greater accessibility to coaching advice to augment our support to our clients in restoring, maintaining and elevating personal mastery and organisational effectiveness.

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