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Dr. Kay Brugge

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Dr. Kay Brugge practices as a Life, Executive and Couples Coach as well as Counsellor in Cape Town, South Africa.

His qualifications are in psychology, neuro-psychology and Theology/Biblical Counselling. He is registered as a Specialist Counsellor with the Counsel for Counsellors of SA (C4CSA), (Reg. No. SCO0684.).

Kay has an excellent understanding of the unique challenges facing individuals in leadership and management positions and their resolution. He has been involved in coaching senior executives as an associate of the IE Group since 2004. Kay also coaches and counsels people from all walks of life who want to excel at making a life rather than just making a living. Kay has written columns on the psychology of coaching for newspapers and magazines, including Longevity Magazine and Sanlam’s Reality Magazine.

In his practice, Kay draws on a wide range of proven, results driven, highly experiential and dynamic approaches and techniques, with specific emphasis on Systems Thinking (Ralph Stacey; Peter Senge); Cybernetics; Transactional Analysis (Eric Berne, MD); neuro-psychology; the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI); Reuven Bar-On EI scale; Kolb’s learning styles and Gerald Egan’s skilled helper model, inter alia. A holistic approach is indispensable to respond to the diverse personalities and learning styles of individuals.

Coaching Expertise:

  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) Coaching
  • Life skills Counseling and Coaching
  • Individual and couples’ Coaching and Counseling
  • Stress management and resilience building
  • Biblical Counseling

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