The Importance of not losing hope

Now’s the time to see opportunities in a sea of doubt.
by Gail Cameron

No doubt 2019 was a challenging year. The Zondo commission has exposed the extent to which corruption and fraud has affected our country, further reinforced by the bleak budget speech put out by our Minister of Finance. Also, the increasing violence towards women and children has brought our national psyche to a new low made worse by the heatwave enveloping parts of our country and worsening drought have all served to create a perfect negative storm! We have not even begun to comprehend the impact the world wide pandemic will have!

Yet within each of us lies the ability to create opportunities, to bring hope, to calm the feelings of discontent not only as leaders in your professional environment, but deeply within yourself.

Recognising the choices, we have and owning them, empowers not only yourself to move forward fearless and with complete trust but at the same time motivates everyone around us to do the same – our loved ones, children, peers and employees … it’s contagious! It’s pure physics – energy! As we set those intentions, own them, share them, and live the dream … YOUR dream! Never forget that thoughts, feelings and intentions create our reality. If we can ensure that our thoughts and feelings are free of fear and filled with hope, we can encode positive, empowering patterns. It’s very simple – it’s effective and anyone can do it.

Recent scientific evidence has shown that even the singularly unique seemingly stable DNA code of an individual can be changed through the process of epigenetics. Through our environment and lifestyle changes, we can change the direction and condition of our health.

We all have within us hidden codes that are written deep within our natures, within our emotions, thoughts, behaviours and energy. These codes motivate you, determine the direction of your life and even define you without your knowledge. When it comes to your own individual experience, it means that your own consciousness creates your own personal reality. That is, the information in the thoughts and beliefs that you generate about yourself and your life will move out in time and space and create more of the same. If you believe you’re a failure, your reality will take that shape. If you are conscious of what you lack, then lack will only expand in your experience. Such belief systems can and must be decoded so that a new healthy and optimistic consciousness can be formed. The tapestry we have woven throughout our lives has become the fabric through which we filter all of our experiences.

You can create vibrational changes that pave the way to new fulfilling patterns in work, relationships and personal pursuits, opening your life to the very real and appealing results that you’ve been waiting for.

As Sandra Anne-Taylor – the Author of the Quantum Breakthrough Code said “The power of your energetic makeup could perhaps be the most important factor in the emotional quality of your life!”

Right now, there’s magic going on within you – an energetic kind. You are pulsating with physical, mental, emotional, electromagnetic and subtle energies right at this very moment. Your brain is generating all sorts of energies and experiences in your daily life, producing neurotransmitters and neuropeptides that affect your emotional state. The energetic implications are significant.

The energy of your mind, body and spirit – in other words, your life-force energy is viable and powerful. It travels through you and from you in fields of vibration and information, coding, connecting and communicating with individuals and the world around you. And the consequences of those connections are transmitted back in time and space for you to experience and behold.

Never forget that you are at the centre of an elaborate network of universal energy. But what is at the centre of your energy? That answer is important if you want to keep an open, flowing channel to the wonders and beauties of the world around you. But it’s even more important if you want to keep the flow of happiness moving within your life. You can create vibrational changes that pave the way to new fulfilling patterns in work, relationships and personal pursuits, opening your life to the very real and appealing results that you’ve been waiting for.

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