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The Real Lessons Of Lockdown

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 by Gail Cameron

It came quickly – the announcement “There will be total isolation” for 21 days. From the moment our President made the announcement, it became real. “This is dangerous for me and my family”, “This is going to create an economic crisis”, “How will I cope in quarantine with my family, that I have not spent much time with recently?” “What if I get retrenched?” “What am I going to do with all this time?”

And so, the unprecedented, unplanned, unprepared for began. Everyone who had access to a laptop and email was frantically online. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebX filled our lounges, living spaces and make-shift desks. “What do we need to think about?” was a phrase I heard. “We need to come up with innovative ideas and practices, now is the time!” “Get your teams together, talk to them, think, think! how you can manage this?”

South Africans who are known for their work ethic globally were in a quandary. Weekends felt uncomfortable. People began cleaning out their garages, re-packing cupboards, and shelves. Rooms were decluttered (not a bad idea), ornaments were polished and steamed.

Minute by minute updates on the Worldometer reported deaths and new infections. Those resisting the lockdown were brutally dealt with. Global news was bleak. Anxiety was rising. Companies had enforced many to take annual leave. One company, I heard about were going to implement retrenchments.

Let’s Stop! Try to understand what is happening. Our world is changing faster than our ability to understand what is really happening.

I quote Alan Cohen’s wisdom:

  • “Our culture is technologically overfed but spiritually malnourished.
  • Scientific knowledge has advanced faster than the wisdom to use it.
  • We have rocketed to the moon but not risen above nationalism and prejudice.
  • We have plumbed the depths of the ocean but hide in the shallows of our hearts.
  • We’ve photographed every inch of the earth but the picture of why we are here, remains undeveloped.
  • We can move masses of people at astonishing speeds, but can’t figure out why so many are depressed and dispirited”

If we can begin to understand what is happening astrologically (I find it overwhelming) Mars is moving through the 2020 Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn. I don’t understand fully what this means, but when they say “Fasten your seatbelts”, we had better hold on tight!

We have all been forced to slow down. Deepak Chopra said we are experiencing loss/grief for a way of life that can never return. This is a time for a great deal of pain and vulnerability.

But there is a way through this. The solution lies inside of us, not outside. By following our simple formula for managing emotions, you can gain a greater understanding, peace and acceptance of the turmoil around you.

  1. Sit quietly and soften your shoulders and gently close your eyes.
  2. Become aware of your breathing and try to breathe in for 6 seconds, in through the nose and breathe out of the nose for a full 6 seconds. Feel the cool air coming in and the warm air as it leaves the nose.
  3. Bring your awareness to any discomfort, fear, anxiety that you are feeling and just watch it for a few moments. Become aware of where it is anchoring itself in the body.
  4. After a few moments, ask what is the wisdom of this emotion trying to tell you and wait for the answer.
  5. When you have the answer, ask “What would I like to be feeling?”
  6. Now reach for a better feeling thought. E.g. “Although I am anxious about losing income, I know that I have the resourcefulness and will get through this. I am a survivor. I know this difficult phase will pass. I know the spirit inside me, is greater than anything in the outside world.”
  7. Pass any difficult feelings/thoughts you’re experiencing to a higher power.
  8. Know that you can practice acceptance of this moment.

It is acceptance and mindfulness that are important at this time. Acceptance of what is, knowing that this too shall pass. Mindfulness, conscious awareness of self, heart, mind, body and spirit. Only this moment exists and sadly most of us are in the past or calculating the future furiously as stated above. To be here now, to find a quiet moment and to get in touch with your authentic higher self, is the only way to move through this madness.

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