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Surrender to the Grace of Loneliness

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Adapted by Johanica Havenga from writings by Matt Kahn

Receiving this insight on a day usually spent with family and friends made the alone time tea and hot cross buns much more bearable. In a time of uncertainty and change, being consciously aware of every moment will give you the power to face loneliness with grace and self-love.

“During this time of self-quarantining, one of the most common experiences arising to be healed with love is loneliness. All too often, loneliness is perceived as something to discard when, in fact, it is something to transcend by learning to embrace it with openness, maturity, and authenticity.

Loneliness is not something to be surrendered. Loneliness is what we surrender into as a means of exploring our deepest vulnerabilities to set free any barriers unknowingly built up against the love we often insist must come from another.

At this very moment in time we are facing a universal experience, an unavoidable separation from society yet we are forced to consciously reconnect with our own inner source energy.

“In order to abide in the autonomy of oneness with the Universe, it is a matter of surrendering attachments to the ways in which you require life to be, so to allow Source energy to be your most faithful guiding light. This doesn’t mean you’ll never get ‘your way’, but more so in an evolving relationship of compromise. Your role is to let the Universe know exactly what you desire, while remaining open to the options at hand and making the best choices with the possibilities given.”

Even when you find yourself in a limited lockdown position remember that “if everything I want is absent from my current reality, it must not be time for such creations to be birthed. If it’s not time for such creations, my begging, pleading, and negotiating are ways in which I’m attempting to veer off my path, despite believing how off course I feel without having the things I seek. No matter how deeply I desire the things I want, I accept that they might distract from the evolution of my journey even though I insist how much they will compliment my life.”

“This is why loneliness cannot be surrendered as a means of inviting greater intimate partnerships. Loneliness is not blocking your ability to call in intimate partnerships. It is the very depth of intimacy reminding you how much self-love is needed to fill your heart in order to take back the power you gave to others while believing it was their destiny to fulfil you. As you surrender into the grace of loneliness, the harrowing despair that often feels unending is not a permanent prison sentence. When letting go of the need to be anywhere else or feel any other way than how you feel right now, a cease fire is called across the battlefield of your awareness as all aspects of self are embraced with kindness, acceptance, and loving compassion at whatever pace is most authentically supportive to your evolving instincts.”

Honour this stage as it is “the very process bringing you into greater faithful alignment with a Universe that will not let you fail under any circumstance. This is why loneliness is not something to be surrendered. Loneliness is what we surrender into as a means of exploring our deepest vulnerabilities to set free any barriers unknowingly built up against the love that we often insist must come from another.

May this time of self-quarantine be used to face each feeling as a way of deepening your relationship with Source by offering comfort, care, and compassion to the most displaced and shut down parts within you that cry out for love.”

Let us use these circumstances as inspiration to ignite the light within ourselves and shine a little bit brighter.

Edited from Matt Kahn
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels