Guidance for Emotional Freedom

  1. Know that your talents and strength come from a higher place. You are able to connect with your higher wisdom and attain the peace you are looking for. No matter how difficult the experience you had, it has provided you with a wisdom and level of growth that becomes a gift you can share with others.
  2. Remember that everything is impermanent. Your good experiences will pass, so too, will the bad ones. When you are struggling with a bad experience or emotion, try to find peace and silence and connect with your own higher wisdom. Question what the wisdom is that this experience has brought to you. When you look at things in this way, you realise that what is happening is not happening TO you but FOR you. Without this difficulty, you would not evolve and grow.
  3. Never forget that you are greater than any circumstances you may encounter. Your spirit within you is greater than anything in the outer world. The power of your life is in your own hands – right there, where it has always been.
  4. Never judge yourself when you are tired, unhappy or lonely. The ego mind loves to distort these illusions and deepen your pain. Allow these moments to happen and surrender to them without judgement or wanting to improve them. The more you are able to do this, the easier it becomes to release negative emotions.
  5. The ability to reclaim your true identity is in your hands. You are capable of letting go of the false illusions of sin, loss, death and connecting with your natural state of peace and joy.
  6. Remember that your greatest challenges open you to your greatest joys. You are wonderfully supported by the universe – all you have to do is believe that you are and miracles will occur.
  7. Negative beliefs come from programming you received early in your life. Your environment provided you with the best possible opportunity to learn your greatest lessons. You can propel past these difficulties and find the peace and joy that is your birth right.
  8. There are only ever two choices in life – love or fear. If you make a decision, respond to it with love you will never be wrong. If, however, you respond from fear or make a choice based on fear, you will always be wrong.
  9. Every breath is a blessing, every moment a miracle – if you are always striving to be somewhere else or better than you are now, you will always be somewhere else and that is a tragedy. Because right here, right now, is the miracle of your life unfolding.
  10. The racing heart, the sweating palms, the increase in temperature is nothing more than a perceived threat – an illusion, for underneath this turmoil lies peace, love and joy – you can achieve this in your lifetime. You are deserving, you are valuable, you have a magnificent soul.