Effective Parenting (During Covid-19)

Effective Parenting (During Covid-19)

A parenting programme to equip parents to deal effectively with developmental, academic
and behavioural problems in children. 

A parenting programme developed by an educational psychologist with more than 30 years of experience. The Smarta Choice programme is aimed at parents who want to gain better insight into their children’s needs and how to foster confident and independent children who can succeed in life. The programme not only equips parents to deal effectively with everyday behavioural and academic challenges, but also helps parents to better deal with their own anxieties around parenting. 

Module Presented:

● The meaning of parenting

● The needs of a child

● Dependency, self-esteem and learned helplessness

● Development of the child as a person 

● The Usual Approach 

● The Educative Approach 

● Parental management 

● Quality of parenting 

● Development of a the child as an adult 

● The Smart-Choice parenting approach

Coaches involved: K. Resnick & H.Kirby

Booking Process:

Book through email info@mypocketcoach.co.za


 3.5 hours online or face to face  


  • Better manage the work-from-home phenomenon
  • Calm and cooperative home environment with no shouting
  • Improved parental stress and well-being
  • Self-assured and happy children

Who should attend?

This program empowers parents to successfully deal with virtually any childhood problem within a very short period of time. 


"I was blown away! The tools that I selected, that I felt were appropriate for our family, worked and have done so ever since. The calm in my home has been restored and my credibility as a parent regained.”
mother of 3
“I have learnt how to parent in a calm and effective manner.”
single parent of 2 children
“I have seen a definite decrease in sibling rivalry.”
single parent of 2 boys