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Dr. Rean du Plessis

Organisational Psychologist and Executive Coach

Registered Industrial Psychologist, PhD (Management of Technology & Innovation), Da Vinci Institute and a Post Graduate Certificate (Practitioner Coaching), University of Middlesex

Rean du Plessis’ specialsation in Facilitation of Growth, Global Executive Leadership Development, Team Alignment and Strategy, Organisation Development/Psychology and Future Leadership Growth makes him an invaluable member of the IE Group and My Pocket Coach team of specialists. Rean obtained his PhD in Management of Technology & Innovation in 2015 and is a registered COMENSA, IoDSA, and IGCCP practitioner. His comprehensive knowledge in organisational psychology and executive coaching includes, but is not limited to; 3000+ recorded hours of one-on-one leadership Coaching over the last 17 years, 200+ days of team Facilitation/Coaching over the last 20 years, 50 days international coaching/ consulting days in 2018/19, and 25 years of leadership assessments and development. Rean’s extensive experience in coaching psychology team – and executive coaching has enabled him to unleash the thought-provoking processes that inspires full development of the unique potential that lies within everyone. He was awarded the Da Vinci Mandala Research Award for applying the principles of systems thinking in his PhD.

Rean has just published his book: The Leader’s Inner Source – how to navigate chaos and complexity, engage your whole self, make a meaningful impact, and empower other to do the same.

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