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Authentic Leadership Course by Janine Hills

As we experience this global shift, where transformation is accelerating from the digital economy down to the boardroom, even incredibly accomplished leaders need new tools fit for purpose. It is within this context – of a dynamic new world – that Janine equips you, the executive leaders of today, with the skills to unlock exceptional leadership qualities within yourself and within others. By harnessing her 5 key strategic values, which support authentic leadership: integrity, consistency, transparency, honesty and reliability, Janine will help you to transform your boardroom and organisation to align with the necessities for business today. The Authentic Leadership Programme will teach you and your organisation how to maximise business outputs to reach new levels of success, through the co-creation of an authentic boardroom space, in which every voice is heard, and amplified for business efficiency and sustainability. This executive programme teaches the art of clear and succinct communication, and the importance of capturing commercial value in everything that you do.

Module Presented:

Janine Hills Authentic Leadership Programme covers:
– Positioning
– Presentation Skills
– Messaging
– Building the thought leader
– Being heard in the Boardroom
– Decluttering the environment
– Aligning business objectives with personal
– Tonality and strength in the workplace, against adversity
– What do I stand for in the business
– Rounding off the above, by maximising stakeholder relationships into business outcomes.

Coaches involved: Janine Hills

Booking Process:

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  • 10 x 2 hour sessions


Become an empowered leader and leverage commercial opportunities to remain agile in a changing world.

Who should attend?

C-Suite and Executives