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Empowering Personal Reputation Course by Janine Hills

Inevitably, accomplished businesswomen and men around the world will face the challenge of taking their careers to the next level. In today’s dynamic world, professional knowledge and skills is only one component to accelerating your career, achieving your ambitions, and creating an impact. The global shift necessitates the need for us to continuously reinvent ourselves in our daily lives and in business, so that we do not unintentionally hinder our own opportunities for growth. The Empowering Personal Reputation Programme will teach you how to elevate your professional and personal impact, by sharing your knowledge and experience in a way which inspires yourself and others. Janine equips you with the power to craft new dimensions for yourself, and in business. By learning to leverage technology and social media, and other communication tools and channels, you will find the inspiration to take yourself to a higher personal and business purpose, while paving the way for a new generation of business leaders.

Module Presented:

Janine Hills Empowering Personal Reputation Programme covers:

– Personal positioning

– Owning the room

– Presentation Skills

– Being heard in the Boardroom

– Cutting through the clutter

– Mastering your social media wisely

-Maximising on Stakeholder opportunities.

Coaches involved: Janine Hills

Booking Process:

Book through email [email protected]


Available as:

  • 5 x 2 hour sessions
  • 10 x 1 hour sessions


This Programme will assist in mastering your own reputation and advance your career.

Who should attend?

C-Suite and Executives