Meditation Tips

Meditation strengthens and recharges the body and mind. It creates a conscious connection of self-awareness and improves general physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Anyone can Meditate – Even you.
The best way to practice meditation is by meditating. Find a comfortable space and commit to a meditation time per day.

You have the time.
You will benefit from even 5 minutes of meditation a day. Start with a reachable goal and increase the ‘depth and length’ of your routine as you progress.

Quieting the mind.
Meditation is not about having a completely quiet mind but rather about becoming aware of your thoughts and how to better regulate them. Your mind will wander; therefore, it is up to you to meditate without judgment and guide your thoughts back to the present moment.

Leave your expectations behind.
Take your time to become comfortable with the practice and don’t expect any quick-fix solutions. Meditation becomes a routine part of your life and you will never know what to expect from a session.

Breath plays an important role in meditation and relaxation.
Pay attention to your breathing by taking a couple deep breaths at the beginning of a meditation and bringing your attention to your breath when your thoughts start to wonder.

Keep still.
Find the most comfortable position to sit in or lay down comfortably to lessen any unnecessary movements.

Meditation Methods.
There are many different methods used as meditation, find the one that works best for you. Guided meditations are great to get you started.
Smile and thank yourself for committing to a practice, even if it was only 2 min.

Observe your body, your mind and thoughts.
Write down anything that stood out during a meditation session as you could learn a lot about yourself.