Best Year Yet – Team Alignment Course by Thuli Tshabalala

Best Year Yet – Team Alignment Course by Thuli Tshabalala

Unless the behaviour and direction of everyone in a team is aligned with its plan, the team will not succeed. The diagram above, reflects the reality – energy going in all directions with nothing changing. People may be saying all the right words, but the power is disbursed, and the results are continually disappointing.

Until a team has a clear plan, there is no direction or clarity about where it is going.  Individuals in the team create their own goals, agenda, and strategies to implement.  People self-serve when there is nothing bigger to serve.  The team pulls in many directions and there is little sense of true progress. But a plan is not enough, even when it has been created and agreed by the team, the situation may not change, direction and intent must be communicated powerfully and effectively in many ways, to get the team’s buy in, and focus.

When there is alignment on a plan, there is power and strength and a shared ability to make things happen and move things forward. People in the team know what they are doing and where they are going. There’s a sense of achievement and people are bringing more of themselves to work every day.

The energy and results that come from teams that are truly aligned are more than worth the effort. When mental and emotional power are focused in one direction, on one set of results, performance improves dramatically, every time.

It is important to remember that there is a big difference between reaching agreement and being aligned. Agreement can lead to lip service and meaningless commitment. All too often people reach agreement by negotiating and making compromises. Alignment is more powerful because different approaches are acceptable; what matters most is total individual ownership of the plan and its goals. Alignment goes beyond hollow words and leads to success.

Presented by: Thuli Tshabalala

Modules Presented:

1.Alignment 2.Accountability 3.Personal Responsibility 4.Holistic Leadership 5. Moment of change 6.SMART Goals 7.Gold Time Management 8.Setting Performance Expectations 9.Beach Ball Principle 10.Cycle of Productivity 11. Source Principle 12.Pefrormance Expectation Gaps

Booking Process:

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One day workshop: followed up with a 1 hour session per month for a year.


  • Complete an annual plan when attending the first workshop.
  • Learn to use the Best Year Yet online results tracking system.
  • Establish new beliefs and behavioural patterns that improve performance and relationships.
  • Shift limiting paradigms to empowering beliefs and access your full potential.
  • Identify your most important intrinsic motivations and base your priorities for next year on these motivators and leverage the power of focus.
  • Establish an accountability partner to ensure success.

Who should attend?

All levels in the organisation – Can be booked individually or in a team.

Why should I book:

This program will support you to set your 1 year personal, and professional SMART goals. You will implement, and achieve them, thus, helping you to live Your Best Year Yet.