Cultural Diversity Workshop by Thuli Tshabalala

Cultural Diversity Workshop by Thuli Tshabalala

“Diversity is about differences that make a difference – at work and in the marketplace, particularly, how differences between people make a difference in the productivity and effectiveness of an organisation” (Diversity at Work: The business case for equity, Trevor Wilson)

“Inclusion is the achievement of a work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to the organisation’s success” (The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

What are the Dimensions of Diversity?
Dimensions of diversity refers to the fact that employees have different traits, background and abilities. These differences need to be understood, respected, and embraced, to create synergy to work effectively, and to deliver results.

The dimensions of diversity include gender, religious beliefs, race, marital status, ethnicity, parental status, age, education, physical and mental ability, income, sexual orientation, occupation, language, geographic location, and many more components.

The various Dimensions of Diversity include:

1. Internal Dimensions – Personality and thought.
2. Dimensions we were born with – Age, gender, race, sexual orientation, ability/disability.
3. Acquired Dimensions – Parental, marital status, language, ethnicity, education, etc.
4. Lived experience – Environmental life experiences.

Presented by: Thuli Tshabalala

Modules Presented:

1. Unpack and reflect on living your organisation’s culture, values, and behaviours, at personal, and organisational level.
2. Understanding what cultural diversity is, and its dimensions.
3. Understanding Unconscious Bias and its relationship to Diversity & Inclusion.
-Mitigating the Effects of Unconscious Bias at a Personal Level.
-Mitigating the Effects of Unconscious Bias at an Organisational Level
4. Unpack and strengthen ability to lead inclusively.
5.Understand how Unfair Discrimination arises in organisations.
6. Unpack interpersonal and organisational barriers to Inclusion.
7. Constructing the Experiential Formula for Unfair Discrimination.
8. Understand what ISMs are and identify how they manifest in organisations.
9. Constructing Experiential Formula for ISMs, e.g. Racism, Sexism, etc.
10. Applying models & approaches that will enhance your ability to embrace Diversity and Inclusion.
11. Telling Your Story: Debriefing, Definitions: Assumptions (Positives & Negatives), Stereotyping, Prejudices. Diversity Conversations/Dialogue.
12. Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Culture. Guidelines for engaging inclusively: Enhance ability to embrace diversity and engaging inclusively.
13. Demonstrate the importance of leveraging diversity in building a high-performance culture in organisations.

Booking Process:

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Two day workshop 


  • Live your organisation’s culture and values effectively.
  • Leverage on understanding diversity and its dimensions.
  • Understand and manage Unconscious Bias.
  • Mitigate effects of unconscious Bias at a Personal Level.
  • Manage the manifestation of Unfair Discrimination in organisations.
  • Minimize barriers to Inclusion in the workplace.
  • Understand and apply formulas to improve on embracing cultural diversity.
  • Understand what ISMs are and reduce their negative impact.
  • Apply models & approaches that will enhance ability to embrace Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Share personal stories, and unpack Assumptions (Positives & Negatives), Stereotyping, Prejudices to understand personal diversity – Diversity Conversations/Dialogue.
  • Learn to create a Diverse & Inclusive Culture.
  • Improve ability to harness creativity of diversity and strengthen the case for diversity in your organisation.

Who should attend?

All levels in an organisation.

Why should I book:

To learn how to improve performance through embracing cultural diversity.