How to be a People Person Workshop by Kay Leslie

How to be a People Person Workshop by Kay Leslie

We often hear this phrase being used negatively: “He’s not a people person.” Or to list qualifications for a job: “Looking for a people person.” But what does it mean to be a people person, and why does it seem to matter so much. It’s common knowledge that individuals who are good with other people would enjoy privileges in connecting with, relating to, and leading others. These traits are essential for success. Both extroverts and introverts can learn these skills. Introverts regain their energy with alone time, while extroverts gain their strength from being out there with many people. Both types are necessary for society and for human evolution. So no matter which you are, you still need to learn people skills and hence this course is essential for you. A people person is a person who enjoys or is particularly good at being around people. Some people are naturally like this, but others have to put in extra effort into being a people person. There are many advantages to being a people person in social, romantic, and even work relationships. Presented by: Kay Leslie 

Focus areas and workshop outcomes:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understanding what makes us relate to others – how we relate to others
  • Understanding what people like about you and why
  • Learn how to have CHARISMA
  • Know how to feel comfortable with others
  • How does confidence help you as a leader
  • Developing qualities of a person people want to follow
  • Developing the art of drawing out the best in people
  • How to be a person people respect / understanding the value of your character
  • Using your skills to inspire others to excellence
  • How to love difficult people
  • Building integrity in your relationships
  • How to help others become successful – developing that winning team

Booking Process:

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  • Two day workshop with lunch break
  • Four Half Days

Who should attend?

This course will benefit Managers, HR Staff, Customer Facing Staff, Customer Service Personal, Sales staff and anyone who needs to work on their people- and interaction skills.

Why should I book:

In an increasingly technological world, people first think of building technical skills when trying to make themselves employable. However, people skills – how you communicate with others, behave in a team environment and accept personal responsibility – tops the lists of employability skills. Everyone who wants to succeed needs to be fluent in a particular set of skills – people skills. People skills involve the ability to communicate with, and relate to others. They also include listening to others to assist in problem-solving at work. Effective people skills allow you to interact with managers, co-workers and customers, providing support and ideas for decision-making that promote the goals of a project or job.