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Michael Lee

Master of Creativity and Innovation Coaching – Thought Leadership Coach – Abundance Coach – Executive Coach – Master NLP Practitioner

BA (Political Science) Stanford University; MA (Russian Studies) Stanford University; Certificate (Entertainment and Media Management) Entertainment Master Class; Certificate (Filmmaking) New York Film Academy.

Michael is a rare combination – a working creative professional who is also trained and skilled in facilitating Creativity and Innovation breakthroughs for leaders, entrepreneurs, companies, teams, and other creatives. He bases his training and coaching philosophy on the fact that the most important Innovation you will ever make is to innovate yourself, and that the best way to free a team to innovate, is to begin with shifting the minds of every team member, then building a unique team approach. His concept of “Innotivity™” is derived from combining Creativity and Innovation into one word, because they are simply two critical parts of one process that begins with confronting a problem and ends with resolving it. He is the creator of the INNOVATION EXPLOSION training based on this approach, a step-by-step method proven to significantly up the creativity levels of all who have gone through it. He has also recently launched the unique “HOW TO DANCE WITH UNCERTAINTY” team transformational training series that helps businesses and individuals’ pivot.

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