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Press Refresh

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With heads held high, uncertainty on the horizon and immense change in the air we have taken the first steps into this year. The ‘new year, new you’ motto much less mentioned this time around but we have adapted and adopted a fresh way of moving forward.

We are truly living in the most extraordinary times. Your mind might be working overtime, your thoughts astray while trying to get back into the swing of things. Remember – when you shift your mindset – you shift your life. Press Refresh on your thoughts.

Uninstall the unnecessary, consider the terms and conditions, clear the cache and try putting ‘it’ off and on again. Develop the skills that you require, step up, show up, and level up. Embody the YOU that you wish to become, live the life that you dream of, take a swing at being a co-creator of your destiny. Press Refresh on your actions.

There are brand-new words on the street. We needed to learn to listen, to ask, to debate, to speak up and to clearly communicate. Past silent voices are now shouting, the earth speaking as loudly as its inhabitants. Your voice is valid. Your voice needs to be heard. Your story must be told. Refresh your methods of expression.

At My Pocket Coach we can help you to make these shifts. We can assist in the process of understanding your inner most thoughts, we can guide the integration of this refreshed approach into your reality and we will give you the skills to find and follow through with your voice.

Johanica Havenga