Developing Standard Operating Procedures – Workshop by Kay Leslie

Developing Standard Operating Procedures – Workshop by Kay Leslie

A successful organisation needs committed employees who complete work procedures consistently and accurately. It also requires all involved to contribute their experience, knowledge, and ideas to constant improvement for the future. The question is how do we as an organisation use Standard Operating Procedures to get everyone driving toward outstanding performance and success.

Most people naturally want to do a good job. Successful managers recognise this fact and seek to channel employees’ efforts in ways that will benefit the business. Well-written Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) provide direction, improve communication, reduce training time, and improve work consistency. The SOP development process is an excellent way for managers, employees, and technical advisers to cooperate for everyone’s benefit. A very positive sense of teamwork arises when these parties work together toward common goals.

Standard Operating Procedures used in combination with planned training and regular performance feedback lead to an effective and motivated workforce. Managers also benefit from consistent work performance and predictable results. Employees benefit from increased confidence and a clear sense of achievement.

This workshop helps give clear guidelines on how to create SOP’s no matter what job the individual does. This assists with ensuring everyone is following the same steps / set of instructions when doing any job.

Presented by: Kay Leslie 

Focus areas and workshop outcomes:

Research has consistently demonstrated that when clear goals are associated with learning, it occurs more easily and rapidly. With that in mind, let’s review our goals for this workshop.

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Understand what a standard operating procedure (SOP) is.
  • Know what the benefits of the SOP is.
  • Know what to consider when writing a SOP’s.
  • Know how to use the new SOP template.

Booking Process:

Email us at for further information or to book the workshop.


4 Hours Workshop – Minimum of 5 participants

Who should attend?

  • All specialists within their remit.
  • All heads of departments.
  • Anyone that manages a process within the company or specialises in a particular function.
  • All HR and Training Department personal.

Why should I book:

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are step-by-step instructions that act as guidelines for employee work processes. Whether written up in numbered steps or formatted as flow charts, effective SOPs are complete, clearly written, and based on input from the workers who do the job. When employees follow the SOP for a particular job, they produce a product that is consistent and predictable. If creativity is key to your business functions, SOPs may not work for you. Strict adherence to standardised rules can restrict creative flow. However, if your goal is to produce the same product over the long term and increase your business productivity, the implementation of SOPs can have many benefits Standard Operating Procedures Simplify Performance Management: Managers can use the SOP framework to develop target ranges and make assessments of individual performance. Employees who work in compliance with SOPs know exactly what is expected of them, and they plan their work schedules to meet their goals with efficiency. When all employees follow the same processes, it’s an easy matter to measure them against the same standards. Performance can be fairly appraised. This is especially important in cases where high-performing employees are rewarded, and low-performing employees are retrained or placed on probation.