Setting and managing targets – Workshop by Kay Leslie

Setting and managing targets – Workshop by Kay Leslie

Unless you know what you want to achieve, there’s no way to measure how close you are to achieving that objective. Goals or Targets give you a standard against which to measure your progress. The goals you set for accomplishing the company’s/department’s mission must be in line with the vision and what your company wants you to do. If what you plan to achieve for your job, department, or team isn’t coordinated with the goals of your organisation, you’ll waste your time and energy. Goals are the foundation of motivational programmes. By reaching toward your goals, you become motivated, and by knowing the goals of your team members and helping them reach those goals, you help to motivate them. The process of setting goals takes time, energy, and effort. Goals aren’t something you scribble on a napkin during a coffee break – you must plan what you truly want to accomplish, establish timetables, determine who will do each action step, brainstorm all the possible obstacles, create a solution for the obstacles, review all of the rewards and consequences of achieving or not achieving the goal, and implement the goal.

Focus areas and workshop outcomes:

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how to get your point across as to when you want it and why you want it by doing a role play
  • Explain how you going to achieve the target by coaching and observing
  • State why targets are needed and why the business needs it through doing a conversation
  • Calculate how your targets get set
  • State how do you manage your targets
  • State how do we set the targets
  • Explain what happens if we don’t give the correct targets
  • Demonstrate what support do you give to your team to help them achieve targets
  • Demonstrate how to set targets and manage your targets

Booking Process:

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4 Hours workshop

Who should attend?

Telesales, Field Sales, Managers, Call centre agents, Retail sales, Financial sales

Why should I book:

Effective goal setting is a great habit to develop and will be essential if you want to achieve big things in the world of sales. The reason is simple – focus. If you have a goal and know where you’re trying to reach, you can focus all your efforts on finding the best and most efficient route to get there. Without a clear destination, you risk rambling along, wasting time and missing opportunities.

But it takes skill to set productive goals and chasing the wrong ones could cost you dearly (not just in lost sales).

To get it right, you need to have a good understanding of the following:

  • How your business processes run
  • What the wider business goals are
  • How best to align your sales targets with the business goals
  • What you need to do to achieve these targets
  • How you can measure your progress and improve on what you’re doing