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Meeting Me

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Life has taken us on a detour-deluxe.
Closing doors, putting-up barriers and keeping us on our toes at the edge of unknown territory.
Things have changed, structures challenged and humanity brought to halt.
We could argue that we needed the break – the moment to breathe.

As restrictions begin to lessen, life slowly returning to a new-normal, it would be wise to reflect on your life.
Where were you at the start of the series of unfortunate events? Where do you find yourself today?
As humans our natural urge was to kick into survival gear, but it has been more than a year and it is time to really reflect and reconnect – with others and with ourselves.
We need to integrate the lessons, the losses, the life altering adjustments. We need to look life square in the eye as resilient beings and take control of that which felt like a moment of chaos.

Write a reflection letter to yourself and your soul – check in with your mind, your physical body and your heart.
Here a short letter to get you started:

Dear (insert your name here)
You are a true inspiration. Thank you for looking after me in moments unknown to mankind. I want to know that you are happy, that you feel healthy and whatever-else might be on your heart.
I want to check in, alter, and adjust where needed and give more attention to areas neglected.
You are a resilient, strong soul and I am proud of what you did, what you do now, and what you accomplished during a rather difficult time.
Rest if you must. Make changes where they are needed. Smile a little more when the sunlight hits your face. Soon we will step out into the streets with more strength than we had before. You’ve got this.
Yours truly, Me

Johanica Havenga

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