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“I want to be an influential leader but I struggle with my thoughts”

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Over the years Sue saw herself being selected into leadership roles and it started from Primary School where she was chosen to be Class Monitor, then becoming Prefect, captain of the Girls’ Soccer Team and the list goes on. At college she was nominated and appointed as Student Council Leader and as soon as she entered the world of work was seen as a leader and was appointed to several leadership positions. Yet she became aware of a recurring pattern – Being Appointed then Struggling to Believe in Herself! This is what made every role she played extremely challenging. While Self-Doubt is one of the toughest divides to cross, it is helpful to know that through deliberate commitment it is a challenge that is surmountable.

The First Thing to Remember Is That Successful Thinking Allows You to Have an Enabling Mindset
• It is a known fact successful thinking is a mindset that will enable us to reach our full potential. It provides us with the mental discipline to create and achieve positive outcomes. By tapping into the essentials of well-defined and controlled thinking, we can learn to determine and implement actions that will enhance our professional and personal lives.
• We also know how we think affects how we function in life. It is about transforming our thoughts that can possibly lead to poor decision making and outcomes into ones that promote better consequences. It’s an investment that will challenge you to develop new skills to cultivate a successful frame of mind.

“Successful thinking is a mindset that will enable us to reach our full potential.”

So, The Question Remains – How Do I Transform My Mindset?
Start with Knowing Who You Are. In what ways does your current thinking add value to or impede the quality of your life? Do you love what you do or are you simply going through the motions?
Secondly, Take Responsibility for Your Choices. Assume responsibility for the way you think, how you react, and what you do.
Next, Be Resilient. Transform setbacks into opportunities, be flexible and think outside the box. Initiate action by focusing on resolving the obstacles rather than wallowing in your negative emotions.
Then, Persevere Through Adversity. While you might occasionally stumble and fall, pick yourself up and brush yourself off. Don’t allow misfortune to win. You will achieve your next level of success whenever you can challenge yourself to strategically work through present obstacles.
Even then, Learn and Grow All the Time. Become insatiably curious about learning and doing new things. It is knowing that your exposure to diverse and innovative opportunities will enable you to reach your full potential as you learn along the way.
More so, Pave Your Own Way to Success. You can accomplish great things with the right amount of confidence, purpose, ethics, and trust in who and what you are. It is about believing that you can, and you will be halfway there.
Lastly, Find Time to be Thankful for Everything. Find time to be thankful for the people in your life who have supported and encouraged you along the way. Your family, friends, and colleagues & even experiences (good & bad) can play a vital role in enriching your journey.

“While you might occasionally stumble and fall, pick yourself up and brush yourself off.”

Take a Moment to Assess Your THINKING PATTERNS
Please rate yourself on the following thinking patterns
• 1st rate the current level of thinking is on each pattern
• 2nd rate where you would like to be in the next 6 months
Leading Out of This Assessment Ask Yourself Three Important Questions
1. KEEP THINKING – What must I KEEP THINKING because It is Working and Assisting Me in Reaching My Goal?
2. STOP THINKING – What must I STOP THINKING Because it is NOT Working in My Favour and Getting the Wrong Results?
3. START THINKING – What must I START TO THINK, that If I THINK this Way in the Future – It Will Assist Me Exponentially in Reaching My Goal?

Remember – “What We Think … We Become”
When we take the time to set positive personal THOUGHTS PATTERNS, we are aligning ourselves with what we want to bring into our lives. We are affirming our commitment to that FUTURE GOAL. When we return to it over the hours, days, weeks, and even months, it begins to take shape in our lives. Our lives begin to form around our intentions, and we then notice how INTENTION FINDS ITS WAY INTO ACTION.
We start to see our lives change shape before our very eyes.

“What we think, we become.”

By Alistaire Lategan
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