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Enhancing Self-Regard – the key to personal happiness

  1. Write down any challenges you are currently experiencing –  FONTS (Frequently occurring negative thoughts)
  2. Now consider healthy possibilities that exist for that challenge: It doesn’t need to be positive, but try and view solutions from a healthier perspective and write them down:
  3.  Now try not to “over think” this answer but refer to the feelings in your heart and consider positive attributes that you believe to be true about yourself, related to the work you do/your profession, your relationships, with your partner/husband/wife/children. What are other positive attributes you can think of related to being a brother/sister/friend.  Don’t over-think them, merely allow the answers to rise from your heart.After writing down these positive aspects of yourself, take a little time to consider what you have written.  How does it make you feel to review these positive aspects of yourself?
  4. Now consider what you would really like to achieve in life from a professional and personal perspective. Try not to “over-think” your answers, but rely instead on the feelings that come from inside you.  “What I really, really want is:”Reflect on this life statement.  It will probably encapsulate a purpose statement for your life that you need to be conscious of, as you navigate your life’s journey.  It is useful to keep this close to you.  Possibly take a photograph of it and keep it in a folder on your mobile, so that you can refer to it frequently and remind yourself of the purpose you have come here to achieve.


Our beliefs shape our lives in profound ways.  The important thing to know is that they are not permanent and that you can change them to reflect who you are now.  The first step to shifting disempowering beliefs is to become aware of how many times we engage in negative self-talk.  The CHEC system we have developed is a strategy to raise awareness in order to create more healthy and empowering beliefs that serve you better in your life now.

Your beliefs and false conclusions are not cast in stone.  At any point of the process you can make the choice to change the conclusions that are central to your belief system and the intentions you  project. So let go of your past and take back your power.  As a thinking adult you have the option to make clear and healthy choices regarding what to believe about yourself, your value and your power in the world.

Remember that even a small shift in consciousness can reverse the course of history.  You may have lived your whole life with nagging feelings of doubt and inferiority, but it’s time to let them go.  Always be aware that you have the power to choose a different way at any moment.  You can establish an entirely new system of belief, one that redefines you as unlimited, vibrant, empowered, and creative – projecting a force of consciousness that will shift your reality and change the very quality of your life!

What would you do if you could never judge or criticize yourself again?  That alone would change everything.

You would transmit an intention of self-honour and self-acceptance, the very heart of brilliant consciousness creation.  Once these positive elements become part of your life, you’ll find yourself moving into accelerated success.

If you really want to succeed, your old patterns of self-dismissal, self-criticism or even self-condemnation must be a thing of the past.  You always have the option to think differently – to focus on a self-valuing truth and arrive at a brand-new conclusion.  The very moment that you make this choice, you send a signal that you’re ready to receive.

Your psychology starts with your mental and emotional responses.  By clearly understanding your patterns, you can open yourself to more healthy and self-empowering action.  This in turn, will greatly shift the energy you project.  So allow yourself to set this process in motion and create much more rewarding results.  You are already a powerful manifestor;  you might as well take steps to consciously direct that manifestation and create the mind of destiny you really want



C:  (Catch the FONTS– frequently occurring negative thoughts) Develop an awareness of your toxic perceptions as they appear in your daily experience – even if they’re subtle and hidden deep within your consciousness.

Many of us live in a state of unconsciousness, where we not only fail to resist our negative patterns, we don’t even recognise them.  This is what becoming conscious is all about – choosing to see the truth of your daily habits and arriving at some mastery over them.  If you’re not aware of how often you criticize yourself, it will be impossible to formulate the high self-regard that the Universe loves to respond to.  And if you can’t identify the many ways in which you focus on what you lack throughout the day, it will be impossible to shift to a value consciousness that will blow scarcity away.

The first obvious sign that you need to make a shift in is uncomfortable feelings.  Let that discomfort be an alarm bell to the fact that you’re making some conclusions that no longer serve you.  It’s time to design a higher consciousness and a clearer, projection.  So when you notice some difficult feelings coming up, Ask yourself :  What are the negative conclusions I may be drawing about the present circumstances? 

Be especially aware of any assumption that takes you out of your authentic power, your optimism, your self-acceptance, or your peace.  Just by recognizing that you don’t want to linger in your discomfort, you’ll be initiating a healthy new intention.

In your journal, write down any toxic perceptions as they appear in your daily experience


Consider the (H) in CHEC : Healthy possibilities

Even if you’re in the moment of worry or negative self-talk, stop and remind yourself: I have an option here!  Right next to the thought you’re having is a moment that’s worry free;  right next to the fear is a choice that embraces trust and peace.  There are always options and shifts and through your new awareness there’s a whole new world to be experienced.  No matter where you are mentally, there’s a different consideration that can take you to dramatically different realities – both immediately and in the long span of your life.

So don’t just accept your habits as truth.  It’s time to let go of false living and move into new thought-forms that, although they may seem strange to you at first, can create sustainable and meaningful change.

Always ask yourself : What are my healthy possibilities?  Consider those options and then move to Step 3 with full determination.


(E) in CHEC :  (Emphasise who you know you are and what you want).  Make a decision to change your focus and step into a more positive reality.  Create a healthy, self-empowering approach.

Change is the present process – not the future goal.  You can’t just hope for some miraculous transformation to descend upon your life without any of your own conscious participation.  The fact is, the only opportunity for change is in the present moment and each and every instant holds a choice for you.  Once you’ve recognised an old, unhealthy pattern – and considered the healthy possibilities that surround you – you must find the courage to make a clear choice about what you want to focus on.

Reinforce your new options by writing these affirmative approaches in your journal and reading them often:

Positively affirm who you know you are and what you want!


C (in CHEC) Create a circle of joy

Bring your new positive possibilities to life!

Go to a time in your life when you felt on top of the world – when you believed you could achieve anything!  Re-create this event in your mind’s eye and ring fence it, creating  circle of joy. Capture the shift in this power moment by taking a deep breath, and as you inhale, drop your circle of joy into your heart centre.  Resting your focus there, repeat your new thought – or even just the feeling you desire – until the emotional state that you’ve chosen becomes a gentle sensation in your present reality.

It only takes 28 days to embed a new neuronal pathway on the left hand side of your brain.  By capturing your negative thoughts (c), writing down the healthy conclusions (h), emphasising who you know you are and what you want (e) and Creating a circle of joy(c), you will experience the liberation of creating a new life intention and the realisation that you can manifest your thoughts.  (The technique is more effective when writing it down.  Thinking and typing is not as effective, as there is a hand brain connection that is revealed only when through writing.

1. Catch the frequently occurring unhealthy thoughts and write them down

2. Write down the Healthy possibilities that exist for that negative thought

3. Emphasize who you know you are and what you want

4. Create a circle of joy

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