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True Beliefs

TRUE BELIEFS – Sandra Anne Taylor

Open yourself to the liberating and empowering force that the following beliefs can bring to your life.  It’s so important that it bears repeating over and over again;  your view of your worthiness, value and power is at the centre of your truth, your life force and all that you attract.  Your beliefs that come from an enlightened understanding of this can bring sustainable peace no matter what may be going on around you.  It’s up to you to choose these truths and project their energy deep within and far and wide.  When you embrace these beliefs with an open heart, you can accelerate through any difficult cycle and shift the events in your life and in the world itself.

You are valuable.  Your soul is an eternal source of life-giving light.  It shines with a meaning and purpose that you may not be aware of.  In fact, your value is so profound that it’s impossible in this earthly mind to really understand the extent of your amazing worth.  Open to this truth and affirm the following :  I am valuable;  I am eternally valuable.  In every experience, I choose to see, know and honour how truly valuable I am.

You are resourceful.  No matter what you’ve experienced in the past, you definitely have the resources to deal with what happens in your life – and to make things better.  If you’ve never seen yourself as resourceful before, it’s time to know that your abilities come from a higher place.  Trust in this and affirm:  I am resourceful;  I now recognize the unlimited resources within and around me.  I have all that I need to be all that I desire – and to create a happy and fulfilling life right now.

You are worthy.   Your spirit came here to experience wonderful things.  You are deserving of those great things – not by virtue of fulfilling some socially acceptable condition, but by virtue of your loving source  – Divine legacy.  You have infinite access to everything valuable.  Know that you deserve it and affirm the following :  I am worthy and deserving of all great and good things – I open my heart and  life to receiving them now.

You are powerful.  Even if you’ve felt relatively powerless in the past, you now need to know the truth.  You’re a force in the world;   your consciousness and energy spread throughout the Universe creating influence far and wide.  It’s time to step up to your real power and take responsibility for it.  Know and affirm.   I am truly powerful and I have the courage to express my power now.  Authentic power is my birthright.

You are eternal.  Your spirit knows – and you can too – the infinite and cascading energy of your eternal life force.  Urgency and fear dissolve when you perceive all things through this understanding.  Start to live in the consciousness of unlimited time and feel the freedom that it brings.  Affirm:  I am eternal.  I step back and see things from my soul’s point of view.  All is well.

You have profound inner strength and resilience.  Maybe you haven’t felt this way before, but you are truly capable of taking great action and achieving wonderful things.  You are resilient and you have the power to deal with harsh realities;  to conquer fear, bounce back and move forward.  Always remember that you can rely on yourself and on the strength that goes back through all eternity.  Affirm: I know I have profound inner strength.  I am resilient, self reliant and capable of great deeds.  I call upon the power within;  it is always there for me.

You have a strong intuitive voice and inner wisdom.  Your higher self has access to all of the information you will ever need.  Your own spirit longs to guide and inspire you, but you have to believe in this innate power of yours.  Slow down, quiet your mind and get out of your worry;  and you’ll soon be able to open up to your soul’s direction and advice.  Meditate often, asking for answers whenever you need then.  Affirm : My intuitive voices guides and directs me.   I open myself to the wisdom within;  I am inspired and supported in wonderful ways.

You are loved.  Now and always, you are loved.   The heart of Divine love is your Source, your friend and your ever-caring partner in all things.  Connecting with this blissful acceptance may seem foreign at first, but the peace it brings is astounding and living each day in this loving awareness brings solutions to every arena of your life.  So meditate on your own heart center and feel the divine love that resides there.  Affirm:  I am accepted, nourished and loved.  I open my heart to the greatest peace of all.  Every moment I am blessed with the presence and endless love of the Divine.

You are capable of creating miracles.  Due to this vast and pervasive power of Divine love, your spirit is blessed with magic of all kinds.  Every moment brings a new opportunity and you never know when a shift in consciousness will change your reality completely.  Open yourself to the lessons of every experience and know that something wonderful and unexpected could be right around the corner.  See your entire life as a miracle in progress and affirm:  I am capable of magical creations.  Every breath is a blessing;  every heartbeat is a gift.  I open myself to the miracle of now – and to all the miracles to come.




Exercise :

Identify your intention verbally and in writing, and develop a deep yearning for it.

When you create a great longing for the experience of a peaceful life, everything will begin to happen to fulfil this yearning spontaneously and naturally.  Rather than expecting miracles, ask for  the miracle of inner awakening which will never leave you.  The awakening of this inner light, once experienced, will become your constant companion, regardless of who you are with or where you are.  The dynamic force is within you.  This force is felt as great joy running through your body.  Ultimately, your thinking will become sublime, and your inner and outer world will become one.  Yearn for this awakening to the inner light, and long for your intention to manifest.

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s 10 Step programme for creating more peace and joy:

  1. Remember that your natural state is joy

You are a product of joy and love;  it’s natural for you to experience these feelings.  You’ve come to believe that feeling bad, anxious, or even depressed is natural, particularly when people and events around you are in  low-energy modes.    Remind yourself as frequently as necessary “ I come from peace and joy.  I must stay in harmony with that from which I came in order to fulfil my dreams and desires.  I choose to stay in my natural state.  Anytime I’m anxious, stressed out, depressed, or fearful, “I’ve abandoned my natural state.


  1. Your thoughts, not the world, cause your stress.

Your thoughts activate stressful reactions in your body.  Stressful thoughts create resistance to the joy, happiness, and abundance that you desire to create in your life.  These thoughts include :  I cant, I’m too overworked, I worry, I’m afraid, I’m unworthy, it will never happen, I’m not smart enough, I’m too old (young) and so on.  These thoughts are like a programme to resist being tranquil and stress free and they keep you from manifesting your desires.


  1. You can change your thoughts of stress in any given moment and eliminate the anxiety for the next few moments or even hours and days.

By making a conscious decision to distract yourself from worry, you’ve inaugurated the process of stress reduction while simultaneously reconnecting to the field of creating intention.  It’s from this place of peace and tranquillity that you become a co-creator with God.  You can’t be connected to your source and be stressed at the same time – this is mutually exclusive.  Your Source doesn’t create from a position of anxiety nor does it need to swallow antidepressants.  You’ve left behind your capacity to manifest your desires when you don’t choose in the moment to eliminate a stressful thought.


  1. Monitor your stressful thoughts by checking on your emotional state right in the moment

Ask yourself the key question:  Do I feel good right now?  If the answer is no, then repeat those five magic words :  I want to feel good.  Monitor your emotions and detect how much stress – and anxiety producing thinking you’re engaging in.  This monitoring process keeps you apprised of whether you’re on the path of least resistance or going in the other direction.


  1. Make a conscious choice to select a thought that will activate good feelings

I urge you to choose your thought based exclusively on how it makes you feel, rather than on how popular it is or how well advertised.  Ask yourself:  does this new thought make me feel good ? No? Well, how about this thought?  Not really?  Here’s another?  Ultimately you’ll come up with one that you agree makes you feel good, if only temporarily.  Your choice might be the thought of a beautiful sunset, the expression on the face of someone you love, or a thrilling experience.  It’s only important that it resonate within you emotionally and physically as a good feeling.  In the moment of experiencing an anxious or stressful thought change to the thought you chose, which makes you feel good.  Plug it in.  Think it and feel it in your body if you can.  This new thought that makes you feel good will be of appreciation rather than depreciation.  It will be of love, beauty, receptivity to happiness or in other words it will align perfectly with those seven faces of intention I’ve been harping on about since the opening pages of this book.

  1. Spend some time observing babies and vow to emulate their joy

You didn’t come forth into this world to suffer, to be anxious, fearful, stressful or depressed.  You came from the God consciousness of joy.  Just watch little babies.  They’ve done nothing to be so happy about.  They don’t work;  they poop in their pants;  and they have no coals other than to expand, grow, and explore this amazing world.  They love everyone, they’re completely entertained by a plastic bottle or goofy faces, and they’re in a constant state of love – yet they have no teeth, no hair and they’re pudgy and flatulent.  How could they possibly be so joyful and easily pleased/  Because they’re still in harmony with the Source that intended them here;  They have no resistance to being joyful.  Be like baby you once were in terms of being joyful.  You don’t need a reason to be happy … your desire to be so is sufficient.

  1. Keep “Rule Number 6” in mind

This means to suspend the demands of your ego, which keep you separated from intention.  When you have a choice to be right or to be kind, pick kind and push the ego’s demand out of the way.  Kindness is what you emanated from and by practicing it, rather than being right, you eliminate the possibility of stress in your moment of kindness.  When you find yourself being impatient with anyone, simply say to yourself:  “Rule Number 6 – “Don’t take yourself so seriously!” and you’ll immediately laugh at the piddly little ego that wants you to be first, faster, number one, and to be treated better than the other guy.

  1. Accept the guidance of your Source of Intention

You’ll only come to know the Father by being as He is.  You’ll only be able to access the guidance of this field of intention by being as it is.  Stress, anxiety and depression will be lifted from you with the assistance of that same force that created you.  If it can create worlds out of nothing, and you out of nothing, surely the removal of some stress isn’t such a big task.  I believe that God’s desire for you is that you not only know joy, but that you come it.

  1. Practice being in silence and meditation.

Nothing relieves stress, depression, anxiety and all forms of low-energy emotions like silence and meditation.  Here, you make conscious contact with your Source and cleanse your connecting link to intention.  Take time every day for moments of quiet contemplation and make meditation a part of your stress-reducing ritual.

  1. Stay in a state of gratitude and awe.

Go on a rampage of appreciation for all that you have, all that you are, and all that you observe.  Gratitude is the tenth step in every ten-step programme for manifesting your intentions, because it’s the surest way to stop the incessant inner dialogue that leads you away from the joy and perfection of the Source.  You can’t feel stressed and appreciative at the same time.

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