Life coaching has powerful means of establishing purpose, attainment of goals and assisting in removing roadblocks that may be impeding progress.  It allows time and space to identify what is most important and to align thoughts, words and actions to achieve your goals and life purpose. In this unique and ground- breaking life coaching programme you will be empowered to find your own wisdom and connect with your own solutions to direct your journey.

Elri Wium

Specialist in Nonverbal Communication, Emotion and Voice and Speech Production

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Gail Cameron

Founder and Managing Director of Image Excellence Group and My Pocket Coach (ATCL., LTCL., FTCL, Trinity College London) Gail has 30 years of experience as an executive coach and is…

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Kylie Janssens

Senior Executive Leadership Coach(BA Hons) in Educational Publishing Studies, WITS; (BA Ed) WITS; Plan and Conduct Assessment of Learning, Skills Development Facilitator, Learning Performance Link.Kylie is a learning and development…

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