Life Purpose is the Self-Actualised level of existence where we transcend Self-Gratification and see even our own personal growth as contributing positively to those around us and the collective at large. Having a Life Purpose is a great source of our fulfilment. By defining what our overarching service to the world is, we experience a sense of personal value that is not easily taken away.

When we have purpose, we find passion and energy. We journey through life with optimism and believe great things are yet to come and so they do. Purpose gives us courage, resilience and joy. When we have a purpose for action, we accomplish our dreams and experience the joy of life.

Linda Aiyer

Internationally Accredited Leadership and Business Coach BCom UKZN; MBA (GIBS); PCC (Professional Certified Coach accredited by International Coaching Federation); Practitioner Member of COMENSA, Official Member of Forbes Coaches Council Linda…

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Margaret Dick

Educational Psychologist, Neuro-therapist, NBI Practitioner and Bar-on EQi Practitioner PR 8616523 T.T.H.D D.S.E. B.A. (Unisa) M.Ed. (RAU) Cert. Child Law (UP) Margie Dick’s specialisation in Stress Management, EQ Coaching and…

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