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Our experienced life coaches blend proven psychological principles with personalized strategies to help you overcome obstacles and unlock your full potential. At My Pocket Coach, we celebrate a rich track record of inspiring many individuals, teams and organizations to surpass their goals, fostering resilience, and cultivating a mindset of perpetual growth.

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"I have used the services provided by the IE Group for many years. The Group has always been innovative and at the forefront of leadership development. The programs they delivered yielded the desired change objectives intended. I always appreciated their personal touch. Business is not only about hard facts. Effective business relationships are not based on how much you know but how much you care. The Image Excellence Group has assisted us in demonstrating this care through effective communication”
Suresh Kana
former CEO of PWC, Chairman Murray & Roberts and the UN World Food Programme : Noble Peace Prize Recipient 2020
“I try and send our senior managers to Gail Cameron and the Image Excellence Group (IE Group) during the time before they become associate directors, but also others with specific coaching needs. It is easier to identify development needs, if there are others, in addition to those identified throughout their careers and I would say we have had more than a 90% success rate of our people coached at the IE Group. The neutral environment at the IE Group also put people at ease – I would have valued that sort of coaching at that that stage of my career (perhaps I should still go … !). Our managers who’ve attended the coaching have benefitted in a number of ways... "
Tom Winterboer
Curator African Bank, Senior Manager PWC, Chairman First National Bank
“The interactions that I had with Gail in the early part of my career had a profound impact on my career. She guided me into becoming more aware of my leadership style, helped me understand people and the impact that a leader has on his/her people and, very importantly, coached me into becoming a more confident public speaker. If I look back on my career today, I can definitely ascribe our interactions as a defining moment in my career. Her friendship, encouragement and continued interest in my progression through the firm, and her willingness to always act as a sounding-board, 15 years after our first formal interactions, still means a lot to me.”
Allen Swiegers
former COO Deloitte

Join us in a partnership that transcends coaching – it's a commitment to unleashing the best version of yourself and your team. Elevate your life and redefine your success.

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