My Pocket Coach in association with The IE Group is the leader in holistic personal impact power and team effectiveness coaching.

With our multi-disciplinary team of specialists coaching an awareness of best practice leadership.

My Pocket Coach is a vital emotional and behavioural tool required to lead, direct and motivate with distinction.

We offer a wide array of coaching and courses in the following disciplines:

Mental Health

Image Consulting

“Previous research suggested that you have 30 seconds to attract attention and create the desire to know more. According to Professor Shea, who wrote the book called “The Primacy Effect”, he said you are lucky if you get 15 seconds to make a positive and lasting first impression.”

    • Personal shopping
    • Personal styling
    • Dress code design
    • Uniform design and implementation
    • Corporate Style Guides
    • Fashion Trends in business
    • Make- overs


My Pocket Coach specialists can help you develop your communicative behaviour and expression. The specialist will explore the following with you:

    • Influencing Skills
    • Strategic Communication- Selling of Ideas
    • Interaction Skills- Topic control, turn taking and listening skills
    • Psycholinguistics- The art of persuasive and diplomatic use of language
    • Assertive Expression
    • Conflict Communication
    • Small Talk
    • Conversational Skills
    • Non Verbal Behaviour and Expression
    • Social Intelligence
    • Presentation Skills
    • Social Speeches

Leadership Coaching

The My Pocket Coach Leadership specialists can help you define your strengths and areas of development as a leader and will explore the following leadership modules with you.

    • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
    • Leaders in Transition
    • Define and Develop your Leadership Brand
    • The Quantum Physics of Leadership Success
    • Strategic Leadership
    • Authentic African Leadership
    • The Emotional Manager
    • Leadership Communication

Emotional Intelligence

Compelling scientific evidence drawn from decades of analysis within world-class organisations show that emotional intelligence is central to building winning teams.  My Pocket Coach specialist will enable understanding of this new intelligence and the competencies required to deepen or develop their emotional intelligence.

    • What is Emotional Intelligence?
    • The impact of EQ in business
    • How to create resonance to attract, retain and deepen important relationships
    • Understanding the Sacrifice Syndrome and explore the cycle of renewal
    • Understand why EQ is central to leadership success

Life Coaching

My Pocket Coach specialist in Life Coaching will explore the following with you (Module includes the conscious and subconscious processes) to explore and identify:

    • Personal identity / mission;
    • Beliefs and values regarding self; family; colleagues/job, etc.
    • Goals, capabilities, motivation and behaviour;
    • The broader system(s) in which you operate and whether/how these are promoting or stifling the change / growth that you desire.
    • Be empowered with specific skills such as:
    • Manage stress effectively
    • Attain work/life balance
    • Develop a positive self-image
    • Discover and remediate causes of physical, emotional and life problems using the Mind Detox Method©
    • Attain Mind Calm© to gain clarity, perform at your best, worry less, heal faster, sleep better, improve relationships and feel more calm, confident and content whenever you want
    • Explore Maps to define Meaningful work

Motivational Talks

My Pocket Coach specialists conduct motivational presentations aimed to inspire, uplift, educate and empower your audience. To book a speaker please send your enquiry to [email protected]/ 011 781 -1444


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