This module is based on the principle that growing leadership makes a massive difference.
It starts with a leader having a clear picture of their future impact, a real understanding of the current reality and bridging the gap from the present to the future with a roadmap.

Do you often think of how your leadership could result in your team giving more of their hands, mind and heart? You also believe that this will contribute towards better results all round in your organisation.
“Growing Your Leadership Impact” supports the principle that if you consistently improve your leadership you will see exponential results in how your team performs.

This module is based on the G.R.O.W. principle:
G – Goal. What is the goal you are trying to reach through your leadership?
R – Reality. Taking a deep look at what your current realities are.
O – Opportunities. A thorough exploration of all the opportunities available to you for how you can improve your leadership impact.
W – Way Forward. This is about deciding which of the opportunities will enjoy priority coupled with an action plan to achieve your Goal.