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Introduction to COURSE

Welcome to the MY Pocket Coaches’ Voice & Speech E-Learning Course! Voice and Speech are considered the main communication tools in business. Within this course, we will be exploring the refinement techniques of all the aspects of voice, speech and pronunciation development to elevate this important tool.

English is often the Lingua Franca of choice in business and this creates specific challenges for second-language users. Our approach to voice, speech and pronunciation is to optimise clarity and vocal impact that maintains the unique identity of individuals. Therefore, this course is divided in to 6 Units which will focus on the following skills to enhance your vocal impact power:

  • Unit 1: Vocal Anatomy- Understanding how the auditory systems work together in order for us to produce our unique sound.
  • Unit 2: Breath Control- Analysing three-dimensional breathing, relaxation and the importance of body-alignment to promote effective vocal habits, with economy of effort.
  • Unit 3: Body Integration– Identifying and understanding that the entire body is connected and that a simple change in one part of the body can affect the way we sound, move, and communicate thought and emotion.
  • Unit 4: Resonance: Oral resonance and placement techniques are explored to identify how the placement of sound affects pronunciation and speech clarity.
  • Unit 5: Vocal Modulation – Exploring how pace, pitch, tone, inflection, emphasis, pauses and tempo can secure clear, well-modulated speech that enables speakers to express ideas with increased impact.
  • Unit 6: Articulation: Phonetical Elements are explored to refine a speaker’s pronunciation of English words by means of specific phonemes (sounds) that affect clarity.

All six Units include their own training material, educational videos, and activities and assessments to assist the speaker in wholistically understanding the production of effective communication. This is a vital component, since voice and speech are the main communication tools in most communication. This course is aimed at those who use verbal communication as an integral part of their jobs. The course also explores the refinement of voice and speech and enable delegates to optimise their vocal control in various communications as well as enabling impact and clarity.