Leader Personality

The Leader Personality: The Enneagram

The Enneagram is essentially a system of nine personality types, internationally recognised as a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and the people in our lives. The insights gained from individuals’ personality types provides a map to personal development through self-discovery and greater personal awareness. It is further a crucial source of data for relationship building, conflict resolution and the improvement of team dynamics.
The Enneagram is a Personality Profiling tool which provides deep insights into the leader’s personal and leadership style, what is required to take their functioning to the next level, and how to achieve greater integration personally and professionally by balancing their personality traits. For Profiling please book a session with one of our leadership coaches on MPC.

The Enneagram:
  • Helps us understand our way of responding to and processing the world
  • It works with our thought, behavioural and emotional patterns; how this may work or not work for us
  • delves into the strengths and potential of our type, and its development areas; in essence, you will leave with a developmental path to elevate your level of functioning
  • helps us grasp our inner motivations and drives; what drives our behaviour and choices in life.
Tips and Guidelines
  1. Who you are is how you will lead

  2. We do not see the world as it is; we see the world as we are

  3. There are 9 different lenses through which we can see the world; each of us are predisposed to one way dominantly

  4. The Enneagram is meant to be a starting point to your development journey; once you understand where you typically orientate from, then you can work on traits that don’t serve you…

  5. When we are stressed, we take on traits of another personality type.

  6. As a leader, our personality type determines what is important to us, and what allows us to function optimally

  7. In leadership, we cannot adopt a one size fits all approach to our employees; each of the may require a different leadership style based on who they are.

  8. Once we understand the personality types of each other, we have a better sense of what gifts and strengths each brings to a task/ situation.

  9. The Enneagram is not about putting people in a box, but rather getting you away from your limitations

  10. Your personality type does remain the same throughout your life, however at certain times, the traits may become stronger or more relaxed.

  11. Knowing the personalities of others, allows us to engage with them with more understanding and compassion.