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Women, the time to value yourself is now

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The challenging times we find ourselves in during the pandemic is particularly stressful for women. Working from home with small children and trying to juggle the responsibilities of a career and raising a family often means that women bear the brunt of the compound stresses.

These turbulent times can lead to the Sacrifice Syndrome also known as burn-out. If you are feeling stressed, under-pressure, nervous, anxious or overwhelmed, this can trigger the negative neuro-endocrine cascade and exacerbate your ability to cope and even damage your health. To ensure you manage your life better, implement the following:

• Take control of your calendar and ensure you allocate lunch breaks as well as 10 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon. Take the time for yourself. If you don’t value yourself, it’s almost impossible for others to value you.
• The more you become aware of your value and potential, the more you are able to value those around you. As you cultivate mindfulness you release tension.
• It’s ok to feel lost, to be overwhelmed, this can lead to important discoveries about yourself and your potential in this world.
• The more you cultivate acceptance of challenges, and your awareness to be in a wise relationship with these challenges, the easier it becomes to let difficulties go.
• Know that you are worthy. You are eternally worthy and deserving of prosperity, career success and total well-being. As you remind yourself to live in unconditional love, you bring healing to yourself and others.
• You are not here by accident. Your journey has not been in vain. You can replace fear by learning to be in a wise relationship with the unwanted.

By Gail Cameron

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash