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Effective Parenting during Covid-19

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“Many parents are realising during the Covid-19 Lock-Down that they are not fully equipped to effectively deal with the Parenting Management Job.” Dr Ken Resnick

Parenting on any given day can be challenging. With the novel work-from-home phenomena, working parents are now faced with the trying task of having to juggle their work commitments and parental responsibilities, not to mention playing the role of teacher on top of everything else. Having to deal with constant interruptions during the ‘working day’, children who are out of control and work/home environment that is characterised by screaming and shouting can be extremely onerous on working parents’ wellbeing, leaving them feeling stressed, frustrated and exhausted.

The Smartachoice Parenting Programme, developed by Dr Resnick, an educational psychologist with more than 30 years’ experience, is the answer to a calm and co-operative home environment where children learn to become confident and independent beings who can handle tasks on their own. Not only does the programme empower parents to regain their control over the home environment but also provides parents with the tools to manage and eradicate everyday challenges such as defiance and sibling rivalry.

The Smartachoice Parenting Programme is arguably the only evidence-based programme on the market where positive changes can be seen almost immediately. With working from home becoming the new normal, working parents are facing a real challenge every day and urgently need support in this regard. This workshop is a great opportunity for organisations to support their employees in ways that really matter and that will leave a lasting positive impact on employee wellbeing and productivity.

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By Hayley Kirby