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Celebrating our Culture

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Heritage Day is special for celebrating our rich African Culture, this includes enjoying storytelling as one of our celebrated traditions in the African Culture across the continent.

Storytelling includes sharing tales or narratives with one or more listeners using your voice and gestures. This is a powerful tool for expressing attitudes and feelings, on personal life experiences and background. Various cultures globally create stories as a way of making sense of the world.

We use this practice powerfully in Cultural Diversity Coaching to give participants an opportunity to understand each other’s diverse backgrounds. The debriefing session is helpful in unpacking Assumptions (Positives & Negatives), Stereotyping, Prejudices, and encourages deeper conversations that lead to building synergy in the team. This process leads to improved relationships, team synergy, and enhances performance and results delivery. This is an ideal opportunity for the staff to get to understand, and to embrace each other’s Cultural Diversity.

Enjoy Heritage Day Celebrations with your family and friends!

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By Thuli Tshabalala

Featured Image by Pexels