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Managing and Dealing with an Aggressive Boss

It’s tough dealing with someone that abuses you. Handling abuse is made more difficult when the person, such as a boss or supervisor, has authoritative power over you. Your boss can trick you into procrastination and anger where your wellbeing is undermined from fear of repercussions in addressing the issue.

If verbal and other mental abuse get serious, and possibly approach physical abuse, the issue can become a legal concern. I’ve heard people are trying to pass legislation in an American state that disallows workplace abuse. Nearly all laws, however, do not consider verbal conflict so how you handle bullies for your happiness and wellbeing is in your power.

Most people who lack the communication skills to deal with a bad boss either:
Endure the bullying. They endure the bullying boss and intimidation. These people may have little self-respect or lack assertion skills. They may think their job is put at risk if they address their boss about the problem.
Bully the bully. These people face their boss by reciprocating their boss’ aggression. It is quite common for the problem to intensify as the two individuals yell at one another in intensifying conflict.

The Third and most Rare reaction is Assertive Communication with the Boss. As the most productive approach this is a skill worth investing in. There are several assertive communication techniques you can use to stop the bullying, stop your fear, and build your self-confidence to create a nice working relationship with your boss. This is the power of assertive skills.

By Kay Leslie
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