The Little Red Riding Hood Reconditioning Technique is a clinical psychology tool used to resolve inner conflict by making the correct choices in the present. Our behaviour is rooted in our past experiences. Our future experiences are dependent on making the right choices in the present. This therapy uses the ancient wisdom incorporated in children’s stories to clarify and resolve many negative thought patterns rooted in our past.

It will further assist in providing tools to deal with our unconscious programs effectively and responsibly. Feelings are projected, analysed and core issues are identified. Effective changes occur spontaneously, in a natural way. They vary for each individual and a new set of patterns will emerge. They promote improved relationships and interpersonal skills, while we gain insight and awareness of our past.

How the process unfolds and what you will experience:
A drawing technique will help identify your unconscious program. A storytelling process will indicate how you are managing challenges in your life. A six-phase process will provide you with tools and skills to cope with problems in a way that you feel emotionally supported.
The therapy is based on the work of Debbie Howes, a South African clinical psychologist.

Margaret Dick

Educational Psychologist, Neuro-therapist, NBI Practitioner and Bar-on EQi Practitioner PR 8616523 T.T.H.D D.S.E. B.A. (Unisa) M.Ed. (RAU) Cert. Child Law (UP) Margie Dick’s specialisation in Stress Management, EQ Coaching and…

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