At My Pocket Coach we have an Advanced Psych-K Practitioner WHAT IS Psych-K®? Psych-K® is a process that makes changes at a subconscious level Psych-K® is a process that allows you to recognise and quickly convert beliefs that hold you back on a subconscious level. It gives you the power to eliminate stress, fear and anxiety associated with past experiences in life and to reprogram your old beliefs for newer updated beliefs. Neuroscience studies indicate that our subconscious is the source of 95% of our conscious actions and beliefs. By the age of seven our subconscious mind is developed and has automated our responses and beliefs that gauge how we interpret life. As humans we are creatures of habit. What determines our habits are our subconscious beliefs. They form our psychological and biological reality. Our beliefs create our reality. By changing our beliefs we can change our actions and therefore change our reality. Psych-K® gives you the power to transform your life from a day to day struggle into a journey of peace and satisfaction – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It magnetises your dreams and desires into your life.