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Using Role Play to combat Nervousness Control

“All functions depend on breath; not only does it give life… your general health and well-being, indeed, the way you think and your overall state of mind, are inextricably linked with the way you breathe.  By harnessing this incredibly powerful life force, you can control the way you feel.  You can find calm in times of stress.  You can cope with almost any pressure”.  –  Paul Wilson

You are in a business meeting about to deliver an important presentation.  The chairperson introduces you to the panel and you feel the butterflies start to flutter in your stomach, your hands get clammy, you have no control over your breathing pattern which makes your voice sound squeaky and your body shakes nervously as you walk towards the podium…

Now you may ask – ‘Is it possible to prepare yourself and release unnecessary tension in the body?’  Yes, it is!  This tension in your body may be referred to as nervous energy that could be transformed into stage fright.  This may have an effect on your voice in the form of a voluntary physical act. Achieving a state of ‘restful energy’ for optimal use of the voice and body and ultimately… your presentation can be achieved.  This restful energy implies a constant harmony between the muscles in your body and voice, and does not represent the absence of action or motion. 

We have explored the importance of the process involving relaxation of the human body before any presentation, and how a body that is tense can affect the voice during a presentation.  The dynamics of relaxation in all these elements speak of the muscles that work hand in hand during relaxation, and that even if you are resting, there are involuntary muscles present that are still active.  This shows that even though your body is in a state of rest, the muscles and nerves will always be truly ‘awake’.  Therefore, we can train you to perform physical tasks so that the total action required is distributed among the largest possible number of muscles, where excessive stress or tension is alleviated.  

One of our holistic methodologies is based on Role play Simulation integrated with other major factors that greatly contributes towards relaxation.  Simulation refers to ‘compose or recite without preparation’.  In other words, to create a dramatic situation spontaneously that will assist with the sense memory in the brain for a positive and confident thinking process.  This may assist the person to better understand the relation one has in terms of our bodily movements in space, creating greater physical freedom and control; developing coordination and providing us with a greater vocabulary of movement.  It trains one to think, aids in problem solving and develops the imagination. Concentration is also developed and, with this, the ability to memorise vital information.  It develops command of language and communication skills.

My Pocket Coach’s approach is integrated, holistic and scientific.  We make use of role play simulations to provoke the client to critically think for himself.  We empower the client by raising the awareness of the process of self-exploration, with particular emphasis on transformative principles.  Each session is structured to the individual’s personal needs for development which aims to act as a “container” through which the client can find expression and confidence in difficult or stressing environments which creates nervousness.

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