Elri Wium

Specialist in Nonverbal Communication, Emotion and Voice and Speech Production

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Gail Cameron

Founder and Managing Director of Image Excellence Group and My Pocket Coach (ATCL., LTCL., FTCL, Trinity College London) R 1,000.00 per hour session Gail has 30 years of experience as…

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Honouring your Values in this Moment of Distress

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With Covid19 - an invisible foe that hampers social engagement and leaves many vulnerable; the more primitive parts of our brain concerned with “Am I safe?” and “Am I loved”?…

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Kylie Janssens

Senior Executive Leadership Coach (BA Hons) in Educational Publishing Studies, WITS; (BA Ed) WITS; Plan and Conduct Assessment of Learning, Skills Development Facilitator, Learning Performance Link.) R 1,000.00 per hour…

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