Strategic Image Management by its very definition suggests that you can and should manage the perceptions that others have of you. Perception is the only reality. Strategic Image Management is a composite issue forming part of a holistic approach towards the image you project. Everything about you speaks – image management implies managing your physical appearance, voice, speech, non-verbal behaviour and attitude in achieving a specific outcome.

Managing your Image

Tips to manage the image you portray to the world: Your image is the external representation of inwardly held beliefs. If you subscribe to excellence, professionalism and generosity, learn how…

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Chivonne Jones-Abrahams

Life Coach and Specialist Image Development

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Gail Cameron

Founder and Managing Director of Image Excellence Group and My Pocket Coach (ATCL., LTCL., FTCL, Trinity College London) R 1,000.00 per hour session Gail has 30 years of experience as…

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