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Ask a Bra Guru

Dear Coach

My question is directed at your image development consultant. I have been struggling to a find a bra that works with my body. I have a feeling that finding that perfect fit will give me extra confidence and hope that you have some advice and guidance in this area?

Thank you in advance,

Dear Fitted

I went on a search to find you the perfect fit. I met with Lizette Holahan who is the owner of The Bra Guru Randburg Studio and asked her for some direction in this matter.

The Bra Guru provides a professional however relaxed environment to assist ladies to find their correct size and most enhancing style. They aim to get to know their clients and their needs. They educate clients to know what is right and how a bra should fit and will provide clients with information to make better choices.

Lizette was inspired to become part of the Bra Guru team as she was personally affected by having breasts that didn’t fit the average available sized bra’s. She says that wearing the correct bra and quality bra can change your self-image, posture and health. “I want to impact woman to think more and better of themselves. We are hard on ourselves and I would like to change that. I want woman to see how beautiful they are.”

Here is the wonderful advice I received from Lizette:
Why is it important for women to wear the correct bra size and style?
Wearing the correct size and style will shape your body better. When you have bigger breasts you can look smaller and vice versa. If your bra is too big or too small it won’t shape you in a proper manner, leaving you feeling uncomfortable. We aim to make you feel comfortable – it shouldn’t have to be the first thing you take off when you arrive home after a long day! Feeling comfortable means that you will have the self-confidence to step into each day with an improved positive attitude and posture.

How do I know if I am currently wearing the correct bra for my body?
Ask yourself these following questions to indicate how comfortable you feel:
• Am I comfortable?
• Do I think I can look better in my clothes?
• Does my breast tissue remain in my cups?
• Do I constantly keep tugging at my bra?
• Does my breast make me feel uncomfortable?

What are the different kinds of bras that you would recommend for every wardrobe?
I love a t-shirt bra as there are no lines, seams or limits to what you can wear it under. I would then recommend starting off with one proper fitted bra as your first step. Look at finances and then plan according to that as each person might have different requirements.

What is the experience like when we come to the studio?
We complete a quick client information card which will be kept to record all details, sizes and purchases. We then discuss your needs and budget and work according to that. You will be fitted to find the perfect size and shape for your unique body. Once we find the bra you will know – it’s a beautiful love story which I have seen unfold many times right there in the changing cubicle.

We work via appointments in my Randpark Ridge shop but also have limited bra’s online. Buying a bra online isn’t ideal as one would first need to know the ‘perfect fit’. Every person coming into my studio has a special story and I treasure each and every one of my clients. Everyone is unique and their bodies differ – this is where we come in – we want you to recognise and represent your inner and outer beauty with flair!

Dear fitted, I hope that this guidance can assist with finding the best bra for your body!

By Chivonne Jones-Abrahams
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