Becoming a Rainmaker in Sales

Becoming a Rainmaker in Sales – Tips and Guidelines

Customers think of Sales Consultants as experts. Customers want and expect you to know all about the industry/company, all about the future direction for the industry/company, and particularly all about the product and/or service.

The two most important skills a Rainmaker in Sales need is the ability to:

  1. Ask good questions and
  2. To listen actively.

If you are unable to ask good questions, you will not be able to establish your customers’ needs and listen while they share their dissatisfaction or concerns.

Your role as a Rainmaker in Sales is to listen actively and encourage your customer to disclose more information. The more information you get, the more powerful you become.

You gain the advantage of being able to turn a customer interaction into a sale.

Tips and Guidelines to Become a Rainmaker in Sales

  • Develop your knowledge and skills to ensure your sales methods and techniques are current and professional.
  • Set SMART goals to stay motivated and focused on achieving your targets.
  • Develop your emotional intelligence levels to enable you to empathise and interact with customers more effectively.
  • Improve your business communication skills including verbal and non-verbal, listening and written communication.
  • Aim for Win-Win solutions. This involves looking for resolutions that allow both sides to gain.
  • Focus on maintaining the relationship, on interests, not on positions.
  • Respond timeously to customers, whether online, on social media or by telephone.
  • Acknowledge and correct mistakes as quickly as possible.
  • Always go the extra mile!