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Dealing Effectively with Retrenchment/Loss Workshop

We are living in a time of cataclysmic change that will bring about a new world order. There is no going back. We have to learn new ways to live and work as we wrestle with our business and personal disruptions. It will take courage to be bold and move our lives forward as we grow through the painful lessons of this new era. It will take self-reliance, flexibility and resilience to survive. You are not alone in this journey. To assist you in understanding where you are now, what brought you here and how you can be part of a better tomorrow, contact My Pocket Coach to book this workshop.

Modules Presented:

  • Crafting Your Future
  • Mindfulness based Anxiety Reduction
  • Maps to Define Meaningful Work
  • Communicating in a Digital World
  • Project an Appropriate Digital Dress Code and Impact

Booking Process:

Bookings are done via email: [email protected]


5 hour workshop: Can be done as an online or in person experience


  • Re-frame your experience to heighten your awareness to consider healthy possibility thinking
  • Understand the difference between meaningful work, time wasting and good work
  • Understand the new rules of communicating in a digital world
  • Project impact in a digital world

Who should attend?

Those that have been disaffected by retrenchment or change in their world.

Why should I book:

If you are experiencing difficult navigating your way through change or difficult transitions this workshop will put you back on track.