You are currently viewing Leadership Team Alignment and Strategy Process by Rean du Plessis and Tjaart van der Walt

Leadership Team Alignment and Strategy Process by Rean du Plessis and Tjaart van der Walt

If you want your next breakaway to lead to clarity through strategic conversations and leadership alignment.
Focussed to enhance Team Alignment and aids as Business Strategy planning.  

Presented by: Rean du Plessis and Tjaart van der Walt

Modules Presented:

  • Team Alignment
  • Business Strategy

Booking Process:

For more information or to book contact us at: [email protected]


Two-day process with two facilitators.

Two to three days of preparation and two half day follow up sessions on month three and on month six.

• Initial planning with Sponsor to get clarity on the expected outcome of the facilitate workshop
• One on One focus interviews with the team for a deeper understanding of the team dynamics
• With proper preparation design the agenda with the sponsor
• Off Site Team Workshop takes place and delivers on strategic direction and team alignment
• Follow up with 2x Team Workshops to assess progress on leadership alignment and strategy implementation


Workshop delivers a strategic plan. Team is more connected and has a greater understanding of each other’s worlds. Direction is clear. Team is aligned.

Who should attend?

This course will be of benefit to you if you:

  • Require more confidence when interacting with colleagues, managers and clients
  • Want to become more effective at making requests of others
  • Find it difficult to say ‘no’ to unreasonable demands
  • Need to influence without authority
  • Need to express your thoughts and feelings to others in an effective manner
  • Get angry with others who don’t appear to consider your views

Why should I book:

Our deep understanding, experience, and knowledge of Business, Strategy, Leadership and Executive Coaching ensure strategic thinking processes before, during and after the strategy planning session.

We select and design practical activities that will ensure equal participation, leadership alignment and increased group creativity to lead your team to create an effective strategy.

As a team Rean and Tjaart offer Specialist Facilitation for Executive Team and Leadership Team Breakaways.