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Social Speeches – Short Course by MPC and IE Group

The making of small talk in pressurized communications can be intimidating and nerve-wracking. If you have difficulty in keeping the conversational ball rolling or find the making of social speeches such as “The Thank You”, “Acceptance”, “Introductory”, “Wedding or Birthday” and “Impromptu” speeches, a challenge, this module will prepare and provide you with the confidence to speak on any occasion.

This short course will include the following:

  • (1 hour) Prepare your speech with a communications specialist.
  • (1 hour) Evaluate your personal style in a role play simulation.
  • (1 hour) Utilize the voice, speech mechanism and non-verbal behaviour to ensure impact.
  • (1 hour) Deliver your speech and participate in an assessment of your skills.
  • (1 hour) Acquire networking skills.
  • (1 hour) Refine personal impact expressors such as your image, vocal and social intelligence.

Booking Process:

For more information or to book email us at [email protected]


A short course consisting of 6 sessions (6 hours) R1 800,00 per session