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Reflect and Release

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Life has its seasons, both physically and metaphorically. There are times when we experience the height of success and happiness much like summertime with its sunshine and bliss. The beauty of life however, is that it also provides us with opposing experiences. This duality creates opportunities for us to grow in gratitude. When it rains, or when it is cold we appreciate those warm and bright days.
Moreover, through the development of the conscious awareness which endeavours to search for beauty in unconventional or challenging situations, great opportunity is created. For this reason, I have learnt to love the refreshing rain even when it ruins my plans. I have learnt to be thankful for the warmth of my home on a cold winter’s night amongst so many seemingly insignificant and unusual circumstances.

This year we entered a season of uncertainty, not only as individuals but as a collective. We were not prepared for the “storm” that came, but more than ever our human innate quality of persistence through hope proved that we are indeed resilient. The greatest reflection that I have made is the recognition of life’s groundlessness and how imperative it is that our stability be established from within. In that way it matters not what the external world is bringing to our door, rather that acceptance of the uncertainty of life equips us with a superpower. The superpower of knowing that we are able to bend. To be flexible and to adapt much like a river adapts to its environment. It is of course much easier said than done.

How can we develop this inner stability and power of resilience? A good place to start is by practicing mindfulness. When we are able to recognise that our only true moment is the present we will live from a place of enlightened perspective. In a mindful state we get to choose our focus and science shows that where the attention goes the power flows. Self- awareness is also key to building inner resilience and alerts us to our triggers. Having this knowledge places us in an empowered state. It gives us the tools of foresight to know how to navigate challenges and encourages us towards more positive actions and responses.
Practicing emotional freedom is a technique which enables us to release burdens which can weigh so heavily on our soul. Emotional freedom is the process of actively releasing negative feelings and thoughts that consume too much of the heart space and mind which hinders personal effectiveness. Until we introspect, it is difficult to know what is lodged within. When we are heavy we are rigid. Thus managing the uncertainty of life requires us to be light and fluid.

As the year winds down and we move into another season, find some quiet time and reflect on what this year has highlighted for you whether directly or indirectly. Consider the notion that while plans may not always go according to schedule, and while we may find ourselves in unexpected situations, we have a power within that when accessed proves us impenetrable even in the toughest adversity.
Consider the dual nature of life that even winter has its beauty, have eyes that search for the good even in a trying moment. Practise the strength of surrender and yet never lose your hope.
You are the vessel that carries you through this life. If you do the work to build a strong interior you can walk courageously by understanding your potential and going after your dreams, whilst at the same time being fully equipped to face uncertainty and know the best response.

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“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams”

By Chivonne Jones, Life Coach

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