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It is in this very moment where you can instigate change

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Listening to devastating world news, stuck in load-shedding traffic with other over-sensitive commuters and potholes in the worst possible places on route to the office where the shift was made to solar, I felt my heart skip a beat when someone else opened their window to give the old beggar a R20. The relief on his face and the happiness in that moment instantly transported me to the realities of how collectively we can approach change for the better.

Here I was feeling inconvenienced by the current state of the world while someone else chose to mindfully act in a desperate moment and share a blessing on the side of the road. Witnessing this small interaction reminded me that I can choose how I am affected by my circumstances. I have the choice to react differently, to interact with understanding, and to consciously be involved in my community. My resilience, and that of the beggar, bought with a R20 before 09:00 on a weekday!

It has not been the easiest of times, but South Africans are born and bred with a unique endurance and survival spirit that lies deep at the core of our creative solutions. Change and growth involves actively choosing the action most aligned with the future you desire.

A fresh perspective brings us the opportunity to get involved in creating a life that we love. Change happens right here, right now. It is in each and every moment, good or bad, that we get the chance to change our words, our thoughts, or our actions, towards crafting the future of our dreams.

May this year bring you the mindful moments, and the courage, to make conscious choices towards change. 
By Johanica Havenga 

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