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Consciousness Development Coach

Self-Mastery, Leadership Development, Team Effectiveness

  • International Coach Federation accredited Consciousness Coach,
  • Certified Insights Discovery Preference Profiling Practitioner
  • Professional Consciousness Coaching Diploma (CCI), Expert Consciousness Coach (CCA), Certified Preference Profiling Practitioner (Insights Discovery), Coach Trainer & Trainer Trainer (CCA), Coach Mentor & Trainer Mentor (CCA), BAdmin (International Relations), BAdmin Hons Cum Laude, MAdmin (Public Management) Cum Laude – UP

Mareli believes that every one of us is capable of a higher level of consciousness than we are currently exhibiting and stands by Brené Brown’s statement that knowledge is power and power is never diminished by sharing it—it is only increased. So, what you can expect from Mareli as personal coach is to be your growth partner and to work with you to discover what you don’t know, you don’t know (has been in your way), propelling your journey of self-mastery forward. As leadership coach, Mareli is committed to supporting those who stand for advancing others and themselves into their greatest potential. Her vision for her work with organisations is to cultivate environments of individual realisation, through training teams and coaching leaders to enhance self– and other-awareness, equipping them for talent development and maximising team effectiveness. Since qualifying as coach 13 years ago, Mareli has coached more than 1500 hours and mentored other coaches for the last 7 years (1600 hours). She led transformation trainings, which included coach – and trainer training for 8 years; totalling just under 7000 (group training) hours. Her (group) talent development experience tallies 3228 hours over 17 years and she has six years’ experience (1000+ hours) in teacher education. During her time at the University of Pretoria, she accumulated just under 4000 hours as adult educator, and spent approximately 1700 hours on postgraduate teaching. She has generated and debriefed around 230 Insights Discovery Personal Profiles over the last 6 years and has facilitated 470 hours of Insights Discovery content for individual and team effectiveness.


Her coaching specialisations include, but are not limited to:
• Consciousness developing personal coaching
• Emerging management coaching
• High potential coaching & Next Gen Leaders
• Executives
• Team effectiveness
• Coaching skills and feedback
• Career and transition coaching
• Performance coaching for role mastery

Additional methodologies she incorporates in her coaching are:
• Time to Think (N. Kline)
• Coaching in the Discomfort Zone (M. Reynolds)
• Finding your Why (S. Sinek)
• Insights Colour Coaching for individuals, pairs and teams.


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