Widely regarded as one of the most powerful persuasion tools in business, this “Think and Speak” formula will maximise interpersonal impact in time-limited, high level communications. Particularly valuable for deflecting negativity and enhancing or amplifying professional objectives to influence and sell ideas at a high level. Enabling an understanding of the difference between giving out information and the ability to “sell and idea”.

Elri Wium

Specialist in Nonverbal Communication, Emotion and Voice and Speech Production

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Gail Cameron

Founder and Managing Director of Image Excellence Group and My Pocket Coach (ATCL., LTCL., FTCL, Trinity College London) Gail has 30 years of experience as an executive coach and is…

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Kylie Janssens

Senior Executive Leadership Coach(BA Hons) in Educational Publishing Studies, WITS; (BA Ed) WITS; Plan and Conduct Assessment of Learning, Skills Development Facilitator, Learning Performance Link.Kylie is a learning and development…

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