Voice and Speech are the main communication tools in business. We explore the refinement of all aspects of voice, speech and pronunciation development to elevate this important tool. English is often the lingua franca of choice in business and this creates specific challenges for second-language users. Our approach to voice, speech and pronunciation is to optimise clarity and vocal impact that maintains the unique identity of individuals. The following aspects can be developed: Three-dimensional breathing, relaxation and body-alignment are explored when necessary to promote effective vocal habits, with economy of effort. Oral Resonance: Oral resonance and placement is explored when the placement of sound affects pronunciation and speech clarity. Prosodic elements of speech: Refines the use of pace, pitch, tone, inflection, emphasis, pause and phrasing. Refinement secures clear, well-modulated speech that enables coaches to express ideas with increased impact. Articulation development: This is aimed at promoting clearer speech by assessing and refining the way in which sounds are articulated. Phonemes and stress patterns: The programme will aim to refine pronunciation by means of refining the specific phonemes (sounds) that affect clarity. This is a vital component, since voice and speech are the main communication tools in most communication. It is aimed at those who use verbal communication as an integral part of their jobs. It explores the refinement of voice and speech and enable delegates to optimise their vocal control in various communications as well as enabling impact and clarity.