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Getting Back into the Swing of Things

The Swing Dress 

Getting back into the swing of things 

In the 1920’s the world was awakened to a finger snap and a beat that made it impossible for your feet to keep still. The Lindy Hop also known as the “jitterbug” dance style, sprang on the jazz scene and became all the craze. The style of dance, quite unrestrained and robust in movement continued to gain popularity into the 40’s and 50’s. Enter the “Swing dress” which made its appearance around the same time. The dress can be defined as fun and flirty. It flares out from underneath the bust to make room for the leg movements and hip twists required for the perfect swinging performance. More than that the swing dress is one of comfort and accommodates a woman’s ever changing shape making it perfect not only for the dance floor. It’s no wonder this dress has kept making its appearance over time and thankfully the trend is back!

How to wear it today

The Swing dress is unique in its versatility to remain appropriate across the scale of informal and sophistication. One of the most iconic images we have of the swing dress done in high Fashion Hollywood Style is that of Marilyn Monroe in the infamous white flaring swing dress. Because of its forgiving nature it can be tailored not only for the occasion but also for your unique shape and personal style.

Dressing it up

  •  A defined lip (red is always a classic)
  • Ornate Jewellery
  • A heel
  • A leather figure belt
  • Stockings
  • A scarf
  • Hair worn in a Styled fashion

Dressing it down

  • A denim jacket
  • Hooped earrings
  • Flats
  • Minimal make-up
  • Flats
  • Minimal make-up
  • Tousled hair
  • Bright, unmatched accessories
  • A sun hat

Every woman needs a little black dress, I say she can have 3 so long as one of them be the little black Swing dress.

And ladies, whenever you wear your swing dress remember the hapless abandon of the “jitterbugs” on the jazz dance floor. Walk with a pep in your step and a swing in your hip!

By Chivonne Jones. Image Consultant and Life Coach

Images from Pexels and Unsplash