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Dress Code for your online Meetings

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The new trend in attire for business is “Dressing for your day”, and as the world moves more and more into the digital space, remote working and online meetings. Using platforms such as WebEx, Zoom, and even Whatsapp video call, have become the go to.

Moving out of the office space, as is currently the case in South Africa and many other parts of the world, we have been confined to work from the comfort of our homes. Breaking away from normal routine might be dangling the idea of days filled with casual slacks instead of corporate clothes or a mix-match option to have you top ready for online meetings? But working from home should not influence your personal or corporate brand.

Dress code still applies.

Dress Code Tips for online meetings:

  1. Dress from head to toe in appropriate business attire, as this will influence your command and style of speech. While you may be making valid points in your favourite gown, your impact is watered down simply based on how we form associations.
  1. Wear colours that translate well on camera. White and intense reds may often times be too bright and blinding to the viewer, another colour to avoid is green. Your best bets are neutral colours such as grey, blue, lilac etc. (the psychology of colour also plays apart in your influence). Avoid over over-contrasting colours.
  1. Any clothing that leans more toward casual appears double as casual on camera, such as a T-shirt for example. Try to retain a classic style that consists of solid colours and little to no patterns and embellishments.
  1. Keep your hair, accessories and any other adornments simple and small. The main idea or aim is to not allow anything in the appearance to become too distracting and take away from the engagement, also take note of your grooming.

Ps: The type of job you perform plays a role in your dress code, there will be an obvious difference in the way an social media beauty influencer dresses to a person addressing his or her business associates in the insurance industry.

By Chivonne Jones. Life Coach and Specialist Image Developer